Welcome to RecSel International

Hi and welcome to RecSel International - the specialist recruitment consultancy for audit jobs across Europe.

Recsel has one dedicated market focus & goal – to recruit and select Europe’s leading auditors for Europe’s leading companies.

The majority of our candidates are experienced external, internal and IT Auditors from all across Europe and beyond. We also work with individuals from related background such as controls, compliance, risk and fraud.

Our clients are made up of a variety of leading international or European corporations, banks and services groups looking to find the very best audit talent across Europe.

We pride ourselves on providing a unique offering to the international Audit community - excellent market knowledge, a strong contact base and superlative standards of professionalism and integrity.


A Global & Local Reach

What underpins our core strategy is our ability to find the right solution across different market places and, signifcantly, being able to offer a tailored solution on both local and international recruitment projects.

To give an example, when sourcing candidates for our clients we may undertake a search across the local market for specific technical audit skills, audit qualifications or sector experience. Given our depth of experience and knowledge in this market we have access to a range of top audit talent. But equally, it may be better to look for candidates from further a field, perhaps to find specific languages skills, qualifications, or cultural awareness.

For candidates the same methodology applies - we understand some job seekers may have specific geographic restrictions in their job search and we feel confident that, given the strength of our client base, we should be able to find a great position in most locations, but some may relish the opportunity to gain international experience and live in another country. For others they may have complete flexibility on relocating – what’s important is finding that perfect career opportunity.

Ultimately our work is founded on a dedication to promote the audit profession and a commitment to ensuring that our clients and candidates are fulfilling their potential – helping the right individuals join the right organizations purely based on their ability, skills and character; breaking down old boundaries and opening up new opportunities.