Recsel International Testimonials

Welcome to our testimonials section where you can read what people say about RecSel.

We feel it's really important to get your feedback on us. That's why we've asked our candidates to rate our services in a number of different areas. The results of all our feedback response during 2015 gave us an average rating of 95%!

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" ‘The best agency and best consultant I have ever worked with …’ "
Peter Hannus
Corporate Auditor, Fortune 500
Peter Hannus rated RecSel 10/10
" ... the only (agency) that I would ever recommend "
Emanuela Bulgar, Internal Auditor
Emanuela Bulgar rated RecSel 10/10
" 'Very Professional organization...' "
Fiona Gietzmann
Former Director, Ernst & Young, BRS
Fiona Gietzmann rated RecSel 9/10
" ‘..far better than the service provided by other (sic) recruiting agencies..’ "
A Oliveira
Senior IT Auditor
A. Oliveira rated RecSel 10/10
" Very professional ... an excellent relationship. "
Fernando Garcia, Internal Audit Director
Fernando Garcia rated RecSel 8/10
" Easy to reach and responsive to questions "
A. Permana
Audit Manager
A. Permana rated RecSel 10/10
" They have a lot of interesting possibilities from the beginning and from really multinational companies. "
A. Sarkany
IT Auditor
A. Sarkany rated RecSel 9/10
" Recsel was more committed than other recruitment companies. "
S. Kalkowski
Internal Auditor , Germany
S. Kalkowski rated RecSel 10/10
" The best recruitment company I have worked with. "
A. Czupyt
Junior International Auditor , Paris
A. Czupyt rated RecSel 10/10
" They have a perfect understanding of the European Audit recruitment market. "
A. Tóth
Senior Internal Auditor
A. Tóth rated RecSel 9/10
" Compare to other recruitment agencies and consultants, the best consultant I was dealing with. "
D. Humaj
IT Auditor
D. Humaj rated RecSel 10/10
" Much quicker and effective in the selection process than other companies. "
E. Oravcova
Internal Auditor
E. Oravcova rated RecSel 10/10
" Focused on finding the perfect match between what the candidate is looking for and the possibilities offered by the employers. "
J. Souza
Internal Audit Supervisor
J. Souza rated RecSel 10/10
" Better understanding of the IT Audit sector than other recruitment companies. "
K. M’Baye
IT Auditor
K. M’Baye rated RecSel 10/10
" The best recruitment company so far and I have suggested my colleagues and friends to send their cv’s to Recsel "
G. Cicero
Audit supervisor
G. Cicero rated RecSel 9/10
" ‘knows the audit recruitment market very well’ "
J. Hoehnel,
Internal Audit Zurich, Fortune 500 company
" definitely rank RecSel as my top choice. "
Carlo Biondi, Senior Corporate Auditor
Carlo Biondi rated RecSel 9/10
" Never thought I would get an offer in 2 weeks ... "
G. Beckers
G. Beckers rated RecSel 10/10
" the recruiter I trusted the most … "
Adriana rated RecSel 9/10
" ‘Professional company with good attitude to candidates.’ "
Internal Audit Manager, Kiev Ukraine
VB rated RecSel 10/10
" I found RecSel and the Consultant to be very responsive to my requirements ... "
Audit Director EMEA for $15 billion manufacturing group
rated RecSel 10/10
" '..worked tirelessly..' "
Certified Fraud Examiner, Fortune 500 company
rated RecSel 10/10
" RecSel International did a wonderful job in finding the job position I was looking for. "
M. La Torre
M. La Torre rated RecSel 10/10
" ... more organized and professional approach than the most of the other recruitment companies I worked with ... "
L. Koupriouchina
L. Koupriouchina rated RecSel 10/10
" ... understands the recruitment process at my company better than I do. "
IT Audit Manager - $30 billion commercial group, Brussels
rated RecSel 10/10
" ... valuable counselling for the candidate ... "
Miguel Alonso, Corporate Auditor
Miguel Alonso rated RecSel 8/10
" ... extraordinary effort in order to make me succeed in the process ... "
R. Dias
R. Dias rated RecSel 9/10
" Very professional, very interested, always with an answer when I needed one. "
M. Magalhaes
M. Magalhaes rated RecSel 10/10
" RecSel was very active and overall quality of services was incomparably higher. "
M. Lovecka
M. Lovecka rated Recsel 10/10
" ... totally understood what I was looking for ... "
Jonathan Genis, Senior Internal Auditor
Jonathan Genis rated RecSel 10/10
" RecSel has served a truly professional service… "
Dirk Heinrichs, Internal Audit Team Leader
Dirk Heinrichs rated Recsel 10/10
" RecSel International really tried hard to look for a job opportunity that was corresponding to my needs and wishes. "
J. Battle
J. Battle rated RecSel 10/10