Effective Process Management & Screening

‘After many placements the consultant understands the recruitment process at my company better than I do..’

IT Audit Manager, EMEA $30 billion industrial group, Belgium





Sourcing and finding the potential candidates is only one part of our job – where we can also add value to your organization is by helping with the smooth running of the job process from beginning to end, thus ensuring that we reduce the amount of time you waste.



This process starts with us trying to obtain as much information as possible about your requirements, thus helping us with the accuracy of our search for prospective candidates.  We spend vast amounts of working time screening and selecting the right candidates for your orginsation, so you don’t have to.

This takes the form of technical screening, linguistic abilities and personality profiling as well as motivational and ambition profiling to accurately reflect your brief.



Once we have established an initial shortlist of candidates we will also work with you to give you a better insight into the candidates’ background (not just what written on the CV) and assist you in ranking them before moving forward with interviews.



Furthermore we will run and project manage the process to it’s final conclusion by ensuring that we are updating you on all the latest developments and managing the timescales and logistics for the recruitment process, therefore, increasing the likelihood of a successful completion of the assignment.