Our unique market knowledge

" ... Always displays a good understanding of the market and provides valuable guidance "


Corporate Audit Director, EMEA $18 billion technology manufacturing group, Paris




When looking to the external market for new hires you need to make sure you are partnering with an organization that you can really add value with the decision making process. Our experienced team has many years of experience working in their chosen field, so we can draw upon this knowledge and expertise when advising you of the best possible recruitment solution. 


This can range from general advice, such as salary benchmarking, market updates and trends, through to much more specific information on where to target candidates’ background and what are the best hiring strategies.


In many cases we will know the candidates or their working history intimately and therefore we can give you a unique and invaluable insight into their likely experiences, (often taking informal references from our market contacts), thus significantly reducing the risk of an unsuccessful hire.