Life as an auditor - pro's & con's

When you are looking at a new potential job move, it is always worth evaluating both the positive and negative aspects of the position on offer; therefore making sure you go into it with your eyes wide open.
We recently did a survey with some of our candidates to find out what they liked most and least about their new job positions and here are the results.

Things they liked the most:

1)    The opportunity to travel to different countries not visited before.
2)    The content of the job.
3)    Their colleagues and the people they meet with when doing audit missions.
4)    Opportunity to deal with senior people in a company.
5)    Working for one company and having good career options.

(We’re kind of disappointed that having the opportunity to be in contact with RecSel International wasn’t a number 1!)

Things they liked the least:

1)    Having to get up early on a Monday morning to take a flight.
2)    Missing friends and family during the week.
3)    Getting frustrated with the bureaucracy in another country.
4)    Doing missions in the same location.
5)    Aeroplane food.