Audit jobs in Spain

Where are most of the audit jobs?

Spain’s capital (Madrid) and Barcelona are the largest centre for jobs but other cities to consider for audit jobs are Valencia and Bilbao.

What kind of life can I expect?

Spain has its obvious perks: world-class restaurants, shopping, museums, beaches, art galleries, and premier sporting facilities. Many audit and accountancy candidates harboured an interest to work in one of Spain’s two main cosmopolitan metropolises, Madrid and Barcelona, and without the need to have an umbrella by your side at all times, it’s easy to see why Spain had such an appeal. The cost of living is slightly lower than in the UK, though the gap is narrowing, and the average wage is considerably lower. But in general the cost of living depends on where you live, and like in most other countries, it is more expensive to live in big cities like Seville, Madrid or Barcelona than it is in the countryside or smaller towns.

What kind of job titles should I look out for when searching for a job?

Different companies may give different job titles but when looking for a new job you will probably want to look out for the following such as Auditor Junior, Auditor Interno, Auditor Senior, Auditor IT, Auditor Financiero, Director de Auditoria Interna, Auditor de Sistemas or Auditor de Procesos

What kinds of audit jobs are available?

The ‘Big 4’ are well established in Spain so if you are not very fluent in Spanish perhaps you should consider working for one of the ‘Big 4’ practice firms. Spain has a large variety of leading multinational groups who have extensive international operations across South America and other international locations.

So will I need specific audit qualifications?

Audit profession in Spain is organised through a state body and three institutions that represent the auditors. The state body is the Instituto de Contabilidad y Auditoría de Cuentas (Institute of Accounting and Accounts Auditing, ICAC). The ICAC controls the audit activity in Spain and is considered as the supervisory body of the profession. The audit law establishes the general requirements to be licensed auditor in Spain; the fulfilment of these requirements allows the candidate to register into the ROAC (Official Registry of Auditors of the ICAC) and therefore to practise in Spain. If you are interested in CISA,CISM, CGEIT certifications , ISACA and IIA are the profesional organisitations to consider.

For IT auditors today ISACA Madrid chapter has more than 1000 members.

Sounds great… so where do I apply for a job?

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