Audit jobs in Italy

Where are most of the audit jobs?

There is a clear distinction between the developed and industrialised North, which is dominated by private companies and the less-developed South. When analysing the regional audit market by province, Rome occupies a unique position. Other large cities are Milan, Turin, Bergamo, Bologna and Florence

What kind of life can I expect?

Salaries are generally reasonable, although lower than in northern Europe, and Italy has a high standard of living, although the combined burden of social security, income tax and indirect taxes make Italian taxes high for the European Union (EU). Offsetting this of course is a high standard of living, climate cuisine and culture.

What kind of job titles should I look out for when searching for a job?

Different companies may give different job titles but when looking for a new job you will probably want to look out for the following such as Revisore legale dei conti, Revisore contabile senior, Revisore Contabile Senior and Revisore Junior

What kinds of audit jobs are available?

Major companies in Italy are Eni (oil and gas), Fiat, ENEL (electricity generation), Telecom Italia, and Finmeccanica (aerospace and defence). These are obviously good places to start looking for audit roles.

So will I need specific audit qualifications?

The main Italian accounting qualification is the Dottore Commercialista or Revisore dei conti – equivalent to the Italian CPA. Students taking the Dottore Commercialista must normally complete a four year training programme within a recognised practice firm, followed by a series of exams. In order to take the Revisore dei conti, students must have a university degree in a relevant subject and complete a three year training programme. Successful completion of the final exam permits students to become a member of the ‘Registro dei revisori’.

The Italian Association of Internal Auditors (AIIA) has been around for 40 years which has lead to them building up over 2,500 members representing more than 900 companies. Have a look at Italy’s chapter of the IIA.

Sounds great… so where do I apply for a job?

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