Audit jobs in Hungary

Where are most of the audit jobs?

The Hungarian labour market is characterised by significant regional differences. Economic growth is the strongest in Central Hungary and Central and Western Transdanubia. In these regions, the labour market situation is the most favourable and the unemployment rate is much lower than the national average. Most employers that attract international auditors are located in Budapest (capital and largest city). Other major cities include Debrecen, Szeged and Miskolc.

What kind of life can I expect?

The cost of living is much lower, on average, than the EU average, particularly in rural areas.

What kind of job titles should I look out for when searching for a job?

Different companies may give different job titles but when looking for a new job you will probably want to look out for the following such as Auditor, Internal auditor, senior auditor, financial auditor, Informatikai auditor, junior auditor, belso auditor, IT / Telekommunikáció auditor, internal auditor manager

What kinds of audit jobs are available?

There are numerous leading multinational groups who have operations throughout Hungary – most notably those within the manufacturing sector. Some of whom will have opportunities for auditors. Hunagry also does have some strong international headquarters belonging to leading Hungarian businesses.

So will I need specific audit qualifications?

For more information have a look at the IIA Hungarian chapter

Sounds great… so where do I apply for a job?


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