Audit jobs in Greece


Where are most of the audit jobs? 

The capital and largest city is Athens but there are a number of other major commercial centres that will recruit auditors such as Thessaloniki (second largest city), Patra & Heraklio.


What kind of life can I expect?

Greece is a member of the European Union, and the country had enjoyed a reasonably stable and growing economy for the past decade up to the present. Obviously at the time of writing the current economic situation in the country is looking rather precarious.

What kind of job titles should I look out for when searching for a job?


Different companies may give different job titles but when looking for a new job you will probably want to look out for the following such as ΕΣΩΤΕΡΙΚΩΝ ΕΛΕΓΚΤΩΝ (Internal Auditor) and Ελεγκτης (Controller)


What kinds of audit jobs are available?

The 20 largest companies and obviously good places to start looking for audit roles in Greece such as Hellenic Telecommunications Co., Helpe (Hellenic Petroleum), , Cosmote, as well as myriad of shipping and transportation companies.

So, will I need specific audit qualifications 

The Institute of Internal Auditors (E.I.E.E.) was founded in 1985 in Athens and is the only accredited body in Greece. Those wishing to undertake a CIA qualification should look at Greece’s chapter of the IIA

The Institute of Control Systems (ISACA) Athens Chapter is active in Greece since 1994 and is the Greek branch of the international organization ISACA International. The Athens Chapter covers geographically the members of ISACA International living / working in Greece. The Institute has over 340 members drawn from different working environments.


Sounds great… so where do I apply for a job? 

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