Audit jobs in Denmark

Where are most of the audit jobs?

The Danish labour market is known for its flexibility. International surveys by the World Bank and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have for years ranked the Danish labour market as one of the most flexible in the world.

Copenhagen is the capital and largest centre for jobs but other cities to consider for audit jobs in Denmark are Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg

What kind of life can I expect? 
The price levels for accommodation, food, transport and entertainment are all fairly high in Denmark compared with many other countries. However, the wages are also relatively high, and the Danish welfare system means that many services, such as medical assistance and education, are free.

What kind of job titles should I look out for when searching for a job? 
Different companies may give different job titles but when looking for a new job you will probably want to look out for the following such as Intern revisor, Revisorer, Interne revisorer, IT Revisor

What kinds of audit jobs are available? 
Notable large companies in Denmark include AP Moller Maersk,  Carlsberg, Den Danske Bank, Novo Nordisk , Danisco AS and Lego Co.

 These are obviously good places to start looking for audit roles. Of course the big 4 also has a presence with Denmark so should also be considered. 
So will I need specific audit qualifications?

Denmark has its own accounting qualification for auditors – somewhat similar in nature to the US CPA or UK’s ACA qualification as students must have the necessary academic qualifications combined with three years practical training completed with a public accounting firm.

Those wishing to undertake a CIA qualification should look at Denmark’s chapter of the IIA

For those IT Auditors in Denmark there is the ISACA Denmark Chapter which has been in existence for 25 years.

Sounds great… so where do I apply for a job?


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