Audit Jobs in Switzerland

Where are most of the audit jobs based?
In French speaking Switzerland unsurprisingly will find most audit jobs based in Geneva and region as well as other main centres such as Lausanne and Neuchatel. In German speaking Switzerland you will find the majority of audit vacancies in Zurich and the region as well as Winterthur, Zug and Lucerne. Basel also has a number of job offers – predominantly in the pharmaceutical sector. Lugano in the Italian speaking part of the country also has some jobs offers for auditors. On the Swiss border you can also find audit job offer in Lichtenstein – predominantly working for international groups.

What kind of life can I expect?
Frequently listed in the top of most lists as having the highest quality of living in the world it’s no surprise that Switzerland continues to be a favourite destination for internationally flexible auditors.
Comparatively high salary levels and low tax rates as well as other attractions such as breathtaking scenery and skiing etc tend to overcome people’s concerns regarding the cost of living.

What kind of job titles should I look out for when searching for a job?
UN post en Audit interne, auditeur or auditrice, audit des systèmes d'information, IT Auditeur or Auditeur Informatique are all worth looking for in the French speaking part of the country.
, interne revision stellenangebote, prufungsleiter interne revision, interne bilanz stellenangebote are worth looking for in German speaking Switzerland.

What kinds of audit jobs are available?
Both Zurich and Geneva can offer international focus audit jobs for large international groups – predominantly working in the Corporate EMEA audit teams. Given Switzerland well known reputation for banking many offers are available in general investment and corporate banking and private banking.
Basel can offer a range of audit job offers in the pharmaceutical sector. Lugano may offer audit jobs in banking and financial services.

So will I need specific audit qualifications?
The SCA qualification can be taken although m any international firms will be pleased to look for candidates with internationally recognized qualifications such as the ACCA, ACA, CPA etc.
The CIA qualification is well supported by the The Swiss Institute of Internal Auditing SIIA.
For IT Auditors the CISA qualification is also well recognised by the Swiss chapter of ISACA.

Sounds great… so where do I apply for a job? 
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